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Social Media as a Tool

With the advent of social media, business have either chosen to embrace sites like Facebook and twitter, or shy away completely. A company with good social media presence can expect their sales to increase exponentially, as well as client relationships. PR has become easy with the dawn of social media, and companies have found that it can be used as a tool to reach out as well as re-connect.

What we offer

Optimization & Automation

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Optimize, automate, innovate. This is the motto we live by at Zembit. We want to build you a social media infrastructure that not only brings you more clients, but makes it easier as well. We have a wide arsenal of strategies to make your social media presence easier to manage and more efficient.

Content Creation

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We provide your customer base with relevant content that serves your niche. Keep your customers up to date with everything going on in your business, as well as useful information surrounding your industry. All of our content we generate is 100% unique, and written for your business only.

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Social Media Management

Media Creation & Distribution

Zembit makes it easy to deploy all of your content to all of your users, with online tools for media creation and distribution.