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Zembit bridges the gap between information technology and small business by offering affordable pricing plans starting at $500/Month.

About Zembit

Our Values


At Zembit, we strive to supply our readers and customers with information that is not shared or is ignored by other organizations. We believe that providing people with accurate information about web design and search engine optimization benefits both our readers and ourselves.


We guarantee that services purchased through Zembit will be completed in a timely manner. We understand that your time is money, that is why it is our goal to reduce the amount of time our customers have to wait to see their completed product.

Quality Relationships

Networking and maintaining relationships are integral parts of doing business. We’ll help you keep avenues open for associates to easily find and contact your business!


We know how confusing it can be to manage your online presence. Many sites do not offer applicable tips to improving your website, and finding pertinent information is a hassle (we’ve been there). Through creating websites for others, we have obtained the necessary experience for quality website creation.


We realize that running a company means operating within a budget. We intend to work with your budget constraints and provide you with the best online presence possible.


It is important to us as an organization to hold ourselves to the highest standard possible. This means valuing quality work and fixing errors that would impact our customers as they arise. Things go wrong, but we want to be there to fix them.

Every Business Has The Means To Succeed