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Online Lifestyle

Most of your customers and clients are on the internet for a majority of their day. The average person spends more than 20 hours online per week, and this number is increasing. Whether they realize it or not; we are connected through our phones, tablets, and accessories. This means that if you have an online presence you will be able to reach users more often than ever before.

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Content As A Product

People choose to spend their time online reading articles, browsing social media and shopping for products. These are what we view as the three tiers of advertising.  Your business may only be able to reach people through selling products; But it’s actually possible to reach people on all three levels. If we begin to think of content that is posted as articles on your site as a product, we can use blogging as an advertising tool. This is why most successful companies have blogs attached to their website.

Giving Back

Giving back to your current customers is also a benefit of relevant content creation. When someone buys your product or service, they don’t want to be spammed with advertisements trying to convince them to purchase more products. Instead, sending them relevant articles or newsletters that let them learn something new is what consumers prefer. This allows you to brand yourself as a company that cares about it’s customers and gives back to them by sharing knowledge.

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How Does Zembit Help?

At Zembit, we are masters of content creation. We have professional bloggers and writers ready to serve your business with a wide array of content. We analyze your business and determine what the best strategy for managing clients is; then we create rich structured content that can be used to promote your site and keep your clients happy.

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We know that creating information rich content can be a time-consuming challenge.  You may not have the time to use content to your advantage.

That’s where Zembit comes in. We work with each client individually to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. No excuses.

We can help build your content to maximize revenue, attract new clients, and keep up with existing ones.

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