Bringing Brand Awareness to your Company using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing process, and it has changed a multitude of times over the past few years. What you should understand is that what worked for you last year will most likely not work for you this year.

Developing a new marketing technique to bring awareness to your company might be difficult but it is absolutely neccessary to keep up with the changing online marketplace.

A good example to these changes would be the vast amounts of new social media services that emerge each day. Companies will utilize each service as much as possible within their specified budget.

Let’s take a look at a few social media/messaging applications that have overtaken the Digital Market:

U.S Consistent Social Media Platforms

Instagram: Is a photo & video-sharing social networking platform that can bring brand awareness to millions of people across the world. It is widely used across the wester countries and it is now emerging in Asia. For SME’s,

Instagram can be highly utilized for local events. Reaching out to schools, districts, sponsors can bring awareness to your brand/product/services. Instagram requires a consistent number of updates to your Instagram (IG) Account. Therefore, the more effort you put in the more return you will receive.

Facebook: Is the social media giant of the past 10 years. Facebook allows users to post updates of their life on their timeline, share & comment on posts made by Companies/pages/groups, and message their friends they have connected with overtime.

Utilizing this platform is a necessity for any type of business whether you are a Large corporation or a new start up. It will allow you to communicate with your followers as well as plan events, share updates, and increase your search ranking on search engines like Google!

Linkedin: Revamped the way business looks at social media. Linkedin is a great service to connect with other business professional while promoting your own business simultaneously.

Twitter: Another great tool for influencers. Twitter keeps it simple by allowing users to follow and receive “tweets” which are short messages broadcasted to everyone following them. This is an efficient tool to make mass announcements for anyone from a major corporation to a single influencer.

Youtube/Vimeo: The most versatile platform for any influencer and company that produces creative content such as daily videos, documentaries, advertisements, reviews, etc. Youtube/Vimeo allows anyone to learn, create, and be exposed to millions of videos stored in one place. For companies, this website is a bleeding edge platform to sell your services, products, and create brand awareness.

U.S Emerging Platforms

Whatsapp: is a crossover application for messaging and voice over Ip service. Everyone around the world is connected at the tip of their finger. Many companies will use this application to contact clients internationally free of charge. It also allows users to message their clients directly and privately.

LINE: Is a Japanese crossover application for messaging, timelines, and voice over. This application is trending throughout West Coast U.S and Asia. LINE allows a user to update their timelines and stay up to date with their friends, family, and groups instantly.

WeChat: is a Chinese crossover application similar to LINE but allows for in application purchases to be sent directly to companies for any type of payment/bill. Restaurants in China are utilizing QR codes to connect their customers to view their menus and pay for their bills without a single interaction with a waiter/waitress. It is also used to host major events, start promotions, advertising, and social media.

Drawing your customers has never been as accessible than ever but we must take advantage of our tools. Even if you have clients approaching your website, they may not contact you through the website as you intended but may in fact want to contact you through Facebook for example.

If you are a store, you may have customers driving past your store but may try to search you on Instagram. The point of this is to be well versatile in all aspects of social media. The goal is to convert these leads, awareness into customers.

The ultimate goal of Digital Marketing is too stay relevant with your clients/customers. Digital Marketing will keep your company relevant while bringing awareness to new and existing products/services. Your return on investment will come in after.

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