Understanding The Deeper Social Network

Living in a world of uncertainties, only one concept is certain; our lives are completely controlled by Social Media.

This is a bold claim, and many people beg to argue against their Zuckerbergian overlords, boasting about leaving Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever else. To exile yourself from social media creates a disconnect with the online world.

Much like hermits of old imposed exile upon self in order to operate outside the systemic matrix of society, we do the same today, except the consequences may be more severe.

Social Media Is Not The Enemy

It was inevitable for someone to create social media. We are social creatures, and among the modern pressures we face in our networked environment, the need for socialization prevails.

While everyone was busy working 9-5 jobs, someone created a networked infrastructure that allows you to connect with personal connections online. Today we know that as Facebook. Maybe Facebook has grown too big of a company for anyone to trust them.

But everyone has a Facebook, and most everyone uses it on a regular basis. It has become the standard for communication over the internet.

This poses questions like, how big can Facebook actually get? The answer is simpler than you think. The growth of Facebook is limited by the capitalization that they have on their market. Since all humans need socialization, there is no shortage of demand for the networked capabilities of a social media market.

Thus Facebook is only limited by the amount of competition that they have over this socialization co-efficient. As long as Facebook doesn’t actually own the internet the potential of a monopolistic market remains minimal, and creates healthy competition among sites like Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, Pintrest, and others.

Social Media As A Tool

Maximizing value out of current systems is an important tactic in marketing and business. Businesses that are being started by younger millennials and even Gen X have a high potential to utilize social media to it’s maximum potential. Since they are usually more connected their predecessors.

Staying up to date with relevant information about new social media sites, as well as changes to existing ones, remains the consistent factor for success as we move deeper into the digital age.

Social Media is not the enemy, as we went over earlier. Facebook even gives tools to businesses to advertise, track analytics and grow communities on their site. All free of charge. The only question is why you are not doing so yet.

The Deeper Social Network

You may think of sites like Facebook and Twitter as just websites, but when a deeper understanding of internet infrastructure comes to mind, endless possibilities open up.

The recent US election taught us about the importance of social media, and how titles of posts can be manipulated or edited to change public opinion.

Since the younger generation is always some sort of self-proclaimed busy, they don’t have time to read articles and create deeper understandings, they simply re-post and move on to the next piece of semi-relevant information.

Thus creates the framework for how to successfully manage public relations, create opportunistic branding strategies, and push out relevant content to consumers and clients. Don’t let social media scare you away from the potential gains your business can create for itself.

Take the challenge head on and explore options, create profiles on sites you’ve never heard of, track your progress and create goals for yourself. Social Media is just another skill you have to learn to keep up in the digital age, there is no slowing down.

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