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Operating in Southern California

Direct Digital Advertising | Marketing Firm in Southern California

Zembit is a digital advertising firm operating in Southern California. We offer compact marketing solutions to clients looking for growth opportunities. Our team consists of web design, social media, SEO, and content creation professionals.
Our mission is to bring businesses low-cost; flexible, marketing contracts that enable brands to be managed online effortlessly. With a simple monthly or annual payment, Zembit can design your website, populate social media profiles, and create content to be distributed through your new and existing marketing pipelines.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our process starts by gathering data about your business and your competitors business, estimating the potential of online marketing campaigns and creating a straightforward plan that optimizes your business growth.

Once pricing has been finalized, our web design team goes to work crafting a visually appealing website that retains customers and attracts new ones. Social media profiles are created & populated with highly relevant content specific to your industry.

After the initial project phase has been completed Zembit acts as a consulting company on retainer, and offers full coverage 24/7 advice and support while maintaining the online brand.

Our Services

Web Design

Update your online profile with a responsive website that reflects your core values.

Consumer/Competitor Analysis

Research your market and competition better with detailed reports provided by our data department.


No two businesses are the same. Illustrate an idea that stands out.

Digital Marketing

Market yourself easier by creating and distributing advertisements through high traffic online channels for better return against conventional marketing.

Information Technology

Stay up to date with technology with consultation from our certified IT technicians. Solve problems faster with secure, smart solutions.


We analyze market trends and economics of your business vs. your competitors to ensure maximum growth in profits.

Social Media

Boost your online presence and grow a community of loyal customers.

Content Creation

Produce online content for your employees, or your clients. Zembit makes HD videos, power points, reports, essays, articles and blog posts.

All of our packages at Zembit including web design, social media, content creation and SEO are backed by intuitive data analysis and linear regression. We only charge you a small percentage of the estimated revenue and growth you would experience online.


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